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When we’re not Slytherins who are we?

Now some people might say "But we're always Slytherins" and that is obviously true. What I'm talking about is the part of us that has nothing to do with the house, it's about who we are as people.

I don't think any of us are really familiar with each other, and it's fine if that's how you want it - But in case you are all forgetting being in Slytherin means a lot of people will see us as "evil" or "death eaters in training". Maybe some of us are evil, maybe some of us will become death eaters but that's not the case for all of us. We stick together for the house and for ourselves. House pride should be important to us because it's the house we're in.
If the house fails then we have failed - as a house and as individuals.

If we're going to stick together then we need to know more about each other, not going too much into personal lives because that's something friends do and at the moment we're not all exactly friends.

So the question remains, who are you when you're not a Slytherin?
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