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I'm new to the comm. and I hope with new members we can start getting those points and kicking everyone else's arses. Are there going to be any new competitions coming soon?

1. Which of Slytherin's "house characteristics" is most important to you?

Ambition. Without it we would still be Neanderthals. It's the people with ambition who leave their mark in history and I would like nothing more than to be remembered after my death by people who didn't even know me personally. I have great things in mind for the future (mine and the world's) and without ambition and determination I wouldn't be able to achieve any of it.

2. Which house sterotype angers you the most? (Can be about any house, not just Slytherin)

That all Slytherins are Dark Wizards. Yes, most Dark Wizards are from Slytherin but it's not necessarily true the other way around. Look at Snape, he's adept in the Dark Arts but he's not a Dark Wizard or he wouldn't have offered to spy for the Order on Voldemort and the Death Eaters, knowing he could get killed if he were discovered. Look at Peter Pettigrew - he wasn't a Slytherin but a Gryffindor yet he was the most loyal Death Eater Voldemort had.

No one can seem to get past this warped perception and it's because of it that the Slytherins have isolated themselves from the rest of the school. It's where you'll make your real friends because they're the only ones who'll look past the Slytherin label.

3. Assuming you were picked to be Hogwarts champion and a teacher offered to help you with each task, would you accept this offer? Why or why not.

Hell yes. I like to win and I'll do it through any means possible as long as no one finds out in case get disqualifed because that would piss me off to no end. I don't see the problem with getting help from students or professors or anyone, though I doubt any of the professors except Snape would help a Slytherin since so many people are biased against them. Besides, it's been a while since Slytherin won something out of talent rather than because another house lost it's most valuable player or something. I'd like for Slytherin to win.

4. In Order of the Phoenix, Professor Grubbly-Plank taught Care of Magical Creatures for the first 2 months of the school year before Hagrid came back. What would your reaction be to her leaving?

I don't like or dislike Hagrid, I'm just neutral, so I don't care who the teacher is as long as I pass the class. I think it would be easier to pass Hagrid's class since you know he's going to bring in some dangerous creature and his exams consist of "Keep this thing alive for one day" or "Pet that hippogriff/unicorn/blast-ended skrewt". You wouldn't even need to go to his class since he doesn't say anything particularly important in them, which is good since I'd much prefer to sit around and figure out how I'd win that Triwizard Cup.

5. Harry lost his temper in Professor Umbridge's class on numerous occasions. In his situation, would you have done the same?

I have the worst temper and I would have lost it at the first thing she did that really pissed me off. She tended to favour Slytherin though since that's where her whole Inquisitorial Squad came from so I doubt I would have been subject to her nastiness, not that I'd like her any more for it.

6. You are on prefect duty, patrolling the halls and discover 2 students out of bed, in a dark corner. What do you do? Just what exactly are they doing?

If they were pulling a prank then I'd probably let them go ahead with it unless it seriously injured people, was targeted at someone I liked or I could get in trouble for not reporting them. If it were people having a snog I'd send them packing because the embarrassment would be enough for me not to take points off (but I'd take points if either of them were attached to someone else - as payment for keeping my secret). If they were doing more sordid acts I'd probably wait right until either of them was going to reach orgasm and then put a stop to it since it would be funny to see them so frustrated. I'd probably even march them back to their dorms personally so they couldn't finish each other off on the way. If they were sneaking towards or away from the Library I'd have to assume it's because they wanted to get into or were just leaving the Restricted Section and so I'd take points and report them to their Head of House.

Of course, if any of these people were my friends I probably wouldn't take points off them and, if I wasn't seen, forget I saw anything. If I was seen I'd just tell them to be careful not to get caught on their back. It wouldn't be the best idea to make me a Prefect since I tend to abuse power.

7. Which student at Hogwarts do you most relate to? Why?

Now that I think about it, probably Ginny. She can stand up for herself, she's not afraid to tell someone they're out of line, she's determined and stubbourn, she's loyal to her friends, she acts sweet and innocent when really she's just a glib liar, she's quite confident, thinks anything's possible if you want it bad enough, keeps things to herself when she knows someone's going to try and make her change her mind or step in and control her life and, most importantly, she likes cats. She's also quite mischievous and doesn't have a problem with breaking rules. Of course, there are some things I have that just don't fit in with her personality, a few being vanity, obnoxiousness and snobbiness. I am quite a nice person when you get to know me though.

I like people who are sure of themselves because, to me, there's nothing worse than someone who's insecure about themselves. It's people like that that don't get anywhere in life because they're so busy doubting themselves they don't get anything done.

8. If you accidently found the Sorcerer's (or Philosoper's Stone for you British folk) Stone, what would you do with it?

I'd sell the elixir at an outrageously expensive price so I could go on living on the finer things in life because I would probably hate it if I had to live a modest life. I'd, of course, have some of the elixir for myself though I don't want to live forever because I'm sure it would get tedious and you'd still look old, which is something I honestly dread. After I died I'd probably hand it down to my child (yes, singular) who can do what they like with it.

I think it would be a very good source of income since the rich would want it for novelty purposes and people suffering from uncurable and terminal illnesses would want it to live longer than expected. St. Mungo's and other hospitals might use it if they were having a breakthrough on some vaccine or cure or something and give it to the infected patients who might die just before they finished. Since the Stone is incredibly rare I'd probably be shipping vials across the globe. Wow... kind of wish I really had one now.

9. If you could be any magical creature, what kind would you be? Why?

A dragon. They're sleek and majestic and you couldn't possibly ignore one. They're so incredibly dangerous and wild that they're hard to domesticate and anything that poweful and strong-willed has my love. Also, they can fly and I love being up in the air. I'd like to be one who could handle being in water as well because then I could be out in the deep and not be afraid of whatever may be lurking beneath since I'd be bigger (except maybe if it where a sperm whale or a giant squid) and more dangerous than them.

10. If you were Dumbledore, would you put up with Peeves and all his ruckus?

If I had Dumbledore's personality then obviously I would. Even if I were Dumbledore with my personality then I would because he's just fun to have around. If he got too out of hand or started harassing me though I'd have to get rid of him. He doesn't do harm, really, he's just annoying.

11. Post a Slytherin Icon!

12. How often a week are you online?

Everyday. Sometimes for a couple hours and sometimes for just half an hour to check my mail.

Gorgeous layout by the way. It took me two days to remember why the pictures looked familiar though!
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