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The Slytherin Common Room

Cunning and Ambition

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
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Welcome to Gryffindor!

Oh, wait, no, that's those OTHER people. No, you who have dared enter the domain of the serpent, you are the chosen few. Slytherin House has a long and proud tradition to uphold, and we who wear green (and silver) expect nothing less than perfection. However, the Headmistresses refuse to allow ONLY the perfect to enter, so you lot will have to do.

Titchy little midgets I expect you all are.

Alas, the only unfortunate part of being one of the elite Slytherins is the fact that our prefect (Hi, I'm Jondy, unless I'm in trouble, and then I blame it all on someone else.) has no idea how to make a layout. Maybe one of the Great and Powerful Headmistresses (TM) will decide to bestow a pretty one upon us. *grumbles* Gryffindor's prefect can make a pretty layout, why did I never learn?

Oh yeah, testing one two three. I'll come back and edit this.