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I'm All Alone

PEOPLE what's happening? I don't understand, what's suppose to be going on around here? I have ideas that could get us rolling. Any takers? I'm revved! I'm giddy and I know it sounds geeky of me, but I want to do something! C' know what? Fine, that's fine. I'm going to sit here and brood. It's raining, it's cold, there's hail and thunder - PLEASE understand the boredom. I'll be waiting! *scorn*
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Woot, post ideas! We like ideas.

Because quite frankly, we have none at the current moment. We are slaves to the headmistresses. *shudders and imagines a very scary Serendipity trying to kill her* So yes, until they come up with something fun to do, we really have NOTHING to, so yeah, if you have an idea, we could do it? Did that make any sense...we went on a tangent there.

~Jondy~Prefect~Who has no idea why she's saying we~
I don't know what to do? What's a Slytherin thing we can do? Stories? Essays? Poems? so on and so forth - I'll be back with more ideas!